About Solar Services

Your Award Winning Big Island Solar Installation Company

SOLAR OF HAWAII is a leading solar PV installer. Since 2012, our solar company has helped island homeowners and businesses meet their energy goals with customized solar solutions. Our team of engineers and installers have dedicate themselves to providing a spectacular solar experience from design to system activation.

Solar Of Hawaii

Why Go With Solar Of Hawaii?

With solar energy, you will be generating clean and renewable energy consistently throughout the day. That means you can power your home appliances and other electrical needs through energy attained from the sun. This reduces the need for harmful fossil fuels, thereby lessening negative environmental impacts.

You Have The Solar Opportunity To Be Grid Power Independent

SOLAR OF HAWAII make the solar installations simple for our Hawaiian customers by taking care of the more complicated steps. Among other things, we handle permits, Hawaii County inspections, and rebate applications. Our project managers will be available to you from start to finish on your solar project, offering insights and solar solutions and services as needed.

Going solar is taking back the Power from the Electric Companies

As successful solar installers, we are branching out and taking on more Big Island geographic locations. That’s why we have branched out to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and all points between.

SOLAR OF HAWAII success and continued growth are because of our dedicated team members. Their passion is to listen to your solar goals and needs, inform you and provide you with the best possible solar options to make a service decision that is right for you.

We take the time and responsibility to hire the best solar service talent, and we invest in solar training and personal development.

SOLAR OF HAWAII encourages team members to provide feedback that will improve any solar process. We strive to do things faster in the best interest of our solar customers.

Fast Solar Installation Process

SOLAR OF HAWAII makes the process of solar installation simple for our customers by taking care of the more complicated steps. As a home battery storage system, we offer many of the best choices on the market. These systems store electricity that is generated by the solar panel system during the day. Our battery systems is designed to work with any solar power system.